HDF5 archives for boost::serialization

About a year ago I decided to invest some time in studying C++ serialization issues. Serialization refers to translating object structures from their memory representation into a permanent storage such as a disk file and back again. A very good implementation of a serialization framework is already provided as part of the Boost library collection.

boost::serialization already provides a selection of archive formats, including plain text, XML, and native binary. What was missing is a form of portable binary archive. From my work I already knew HDF5 which is a free and well-documented format providing portable storage of arbitrary data. I have brought these two worlds together to provide an HDF5-based boost::serialization archive.

The Boost package was recently migrated to a Github-based git repository. My own contribution now resides in a fork of the official boost::serialization repository, available here. Please feel free to pull the code and try it out. I have tried to provide some helpful installation hints, but further comments and additions are welcome any time.

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Welcome to EADA

After a long pause and a complete overhaul of this site – here we are, a weblog! I have decided to base the site on Textpattern, a powerful and elegant CMS.

The old site eada.de hosted a small service portal run by a friend of mine and myself, similar in intent to MyHammer, but much smaller. We gave up the portal and I decided to continue using this domain with the short and sexy name for my own publishing interests – mostly software projects and photos.

More will come in the future, so stay tuned and have fun.

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